What is the EU-Canada Mineral Cooperation Study?

An 18 month-long project (the “Study”) commissioned by the European Commission to assess the form and feasibility of structured cooperation that will serve to promote two way investment and stronger business ties between the European Union (EU) and Canada across the non-energy extractive industry. In order to be successful, the Cooperation will need to address all components of the mining value chain, including exploration, extraction, equipment manufacturing, mining services, mining technology, governance and others. The project will also develop an operational network to build a future self-sustainable platform.

Who should be interested in the project?

Why is the EU performing a Feasibility Study on a MIF with Canada?

To design and assess the feasibility of a strategic platform (EU-Canada Mineral Investment Facility) to promote more structured cooperation between Canada and the EU across the non-energy extractive industry value chain.

This will lead to:

  • a better investment framework
  • increased investments flows
  • stronger business links
  • a robust dialogue on all aspects of the sector, such as sustainability, public perception, and the regulatory environment

What will be achieved through the Mineral Investment Facility?

A platform to:

  • Boost investment and trade
  • Target barriers to improve investment attractiveness on exploration and mining in EU and Canada
  • Connect companies to opportunities, capital, and best practices (match-making function)
  • Provide on-the ground support for those companies operating – or looking to operate - in EU/Canada

Why should Canadian or European stakeholders engage in the project?

  • Contribute with your expertise to the analysis of the current state of play of the relationship between EU and Canada
  • Assist in the identification of investment barriers in Europe and Canada
  • Express your perspective on how the MIF could support your business, its efficiency, effectiveness and success
  • Build relationships with key market players through multiple networking opportunities, including relevant mining authorities, mining suppliers, financial institutions, and others
  • Help to identify the components and to build the model of the MIF